XM FOOD: A Conversation on the Bengali-NY Community with Jhal NYC featuring Ifti & The Royal Bengal Tea House
Friday, January 12, 2018, 6:00pm to 9:00pm

In homage to Gordon Matta-Clark’s community project FOOD, the XM Café will feature local chefs as well as artists who incorporate food as part of their social practice. This month, Jhal NYC will share Bangladeshi street food as well as conversations on immigration and community building. Joining the evening will be musicians Ifti & The Royal Bengal Tea House.

Courtesy of Jhal NYC

Jhal NYC is a social entrepreneurship venture built to empower the Bangali New York community through food. We employ stay at home mothers and new immigrants, help build their language skills, and prepare them for careers they seek to transition to. More than anything, we are creating a community for these marginalized groups.


Jhal NYC was created to shine light on the distinct Bangali- New York culture that we grew up in. The taste of the Bangali food we were raised on, the aesthetic and sound of the streets of New York. We adorn our presence with the faces of those like Tagore and Kazi Nazrul because their words are the ones our family sung.


It's more than just about food, it's us.

About Ifti & The Royal Bengal Tea House 

Royal Bengal Tea House is a group of musicians, poets and activists based out of greater New York City area. We thrive to build a better community through activism, fashion, story telling and art.




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