XM Café Happy Hour with EcoArt Project
Wednesday, May 17, 5:00pm to 8:00pm

Calling all environmentally focused artists, designers, scientists and solution seekers! Join EcoArt Project during a special Wednesday XM Café Happy Hour for NYCxDesign (May 3 – 24). Founder, Pino Fortunato, will present an evening of innovative art, design, resources, networking and inspiration around the creation of a green economy. Participate in an international exchange in new eco-sustainable ideas while learning about the recent Design Havana competition and how to get involved with EcoArt Project.


EcoArt Project's mission is to increase public awareness and education surrounding our ecosystems in order to propel solutions toward sustainable progress, using art and design to gravitate people together. 

About XM Café 

Located on the main floor of the Museum, the XM Café is a perfect place to have a quick lunch or a relaxing cappuccino before attending a public program or after visiting the Museum galleries. The XM Café comfortably seats over twenty guests  in a light-filled, contemporary setting. The Café also serves as a venue for performances, presentations and other special events.


Our assortment of light-fare options includes pastries, sandwiches, salads, cookies, and coffees. We also serve Bronx Brewery beer and a selection of wine. Sandwiches and salades are provided by Arthur Avenue Deli.


The Museum is proud to partner on the café with Fountain House who engages locally sourced vendors and hires local Bronx residents through their nationally recognized employment program.


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