Sarah K. Williams, "On the Upkeep of Demanding Shapes"
Saturday, December 11, 2021 | 2:00 - 3:00 PM

On the Upkeep of Demanding Shapes explores the symbiotic relationships between the self, the maker, and the made. What are our responsibilities towards that which we create? How do our strategies of wellbeing effect the state of the objects we choose to put out into the world? How can we remain aware, informed, and open to influences in our environment, while retaining a sense of groundedness and sanity? When is distraction valuable and necessary vs. destructive and unproductive? 


This performative piece presents a demanding object with an accompanying set of invented tools necessary for its upkeep, requiring constant attention from the maker. Through a rhythmic, and almost mechanical, demonstration of each tool's use, this dependent relationship eventually interrupts a series of gestures of basic human needs. This 6 minute demonstration is performed on a loop, testing the maker's patience, endurance, and wellbeing.


Sarah K Williams is a multidisciplinary artist  working between sculpture and performance. Her  residencies and awards include NARS, Studios at  MASS MoCA, the Vermont Studio Center, and a  Fulbright Fellowship to study experimental music in  Berlin. She founded the Sprechgesang Institute in  New York, a collaborative for artists working in an  in-between language of two or more disciplines.

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