Representing vs. Re-Presenting: Unpacking Methods of Visibility
Thursday, March 25, 2021 | 4:00 - 5:00 PM

Bringing together artists Shaun Leonardo, Steve Locke, and Jamel Shabazz, "Representing vs. Re-presenting: Unpacking Methods of Visibility" will explore the various ways we represent communities within two-dimensional media (drawing, painting, and photography). The panelists will be discussing their positions as artists with feet in both worlds as both artist/maker and community(ies) members.


The conversation will be prompted by a series of questions such as:


What are the differences and crossovers for artists who represent and Re-Presenting aspects of their own communities?


What does this mean when both the artists and their communities have historically been misrepresented or erased?


What are the responsibilities of the artists to both themselves and to their communities at large?


What does it mean to be in a community or communities? And what does re-presentation or representation mean?


*Update 3.31.2021. You can view a recording of this event HERE


Representing vs. Re-Presenting: Unpacking Methods of Visibility is part of Shaun Leonardo's exhibition The Breath of Empty Space, curated by John Chaich. The conversation will be moderated by Jasmine Wahi, Holly Block Social Justice Curator at The Bronx Museum of the Arts. 

The Breath of Empty Space is made possible by the Director’s Circle, the Bronx Museum’s premier support group and installation support has been generously provided by SRI Fine Art Services.

You can read more about the exhibition HERE


Photo Credits: Jamel Shabazz Headshot by Greg Adams. Shaun Leonardo Headshot by Argenis Apolinario Photography. Steve Locke Headshot by Joanna Eldredge Morrissey.

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