Open House: Here I Am: Photographs by Lisa Leone
Saturday, September 13, 4:00 to 7:00pm

Join us for the opening of Here I Am: Photographs by Lisa Leone.


The Bronx - Paris - Los Angeles - early 1990s - hip hop. This culture of music, dance, art and fashion is forever in its nascent and most authentic in Here I Am: Photographs by Lisa Leone. From Nas in the first studio recordings for what would become his iconic debut album Illmatic, to Snoop on the set of his first video, from ingénue Debi Mazar on the subway to Grandmaster Flash at a RockSteady reunion, Leone’s photographs open portals to the sounds, places and, most importantly, the people who forged and continue to influence the energy that is hip hop.


Free admission

Jorge "Fabel" Pabon and Mr. Wiggles, New York City, 1991

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