Latin American Art Biennial
November 20, 2016 from 1:00pm to 4:45pm

The Bronx Museum of the Arts welcomes the 5th Latin American Art Biennial
for a day of performance interventions.  The work of performance artists challenges the audience to think about the relationship between body and matter. Join us and experience these ephemeral and authentic works. 


Location: 2nd floor North Wing
Free admission and cash bar

About the Artists 

Claribel Jolie Pichardo
Dominican artist Claribel Jolie Pichardo was born and raised in New York
City. She describes her performance work as nomadic, and uses personal
experiences to set the stage for spontaneous interactions with her live
audience. Her artistic background is multi-faceted, drawing from visual art,
performance and written works.


Carlos Martiel
A Cuban performance artist, whose work could be described as an aggressive
comment on the ethics, history and behavior of the world.
His provocative and raw performances explore the nature of existence, social
barriers and cultural traditions. His work is a form of disagreement against
established value, through physical expressions that reminiscent of
rituals and ceremonial procedures.


Franchesca Alcantara
Through an interdisciplinary approach that combines traditional art mediations
and repurposing of objects, installation and performative actions, she aim
to re-create narratives that speak of fragmentation, longing, shame and
emotional impulses. Her works are informed by childhood memories, historical
events, sexuality and daily life.


Naomi Elena Ramirez
Ramirez is interested in exploring the potential of generative graphic scoring
for dance translated onto the performing body as well as the choreographic process
passing through 2-dimensional space to return again to the living body.


Sebastian Mahaluf
For Sebastian Mahaluf, geometry and it's relation to the body is the main
subject of his research. His research is divided into two lines of
work: one deals with the the analysis of shapes, the second studies the body as a performance tool.


Paco Cao
Cao is unfaithful to any particular medium. Employing a wide range of disciplines and materials, his work establishes a strong relationship between art, audience and context as it challenges the boundaries between high and low culture.  His projects often evolve over long periods oftime, crossing geographic and cultural borders.




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