Lady K-Fever, To Love Again: Togetherness
Saturday, March 12, 2022 | 3:00 - 4:00 PM

Bring your creativity and found objects to create a repurposed multimedia painting inspired by Lady K-Fever’s To Love Again (2021) installation. 


In this workshop, participants will share and express stories of love through the process of creating an abstract expressive painting. They will use fabrics, paints, decorative papers, and repurposed materials such as jewelry, beads and found objects. Painting, assemblage, collage, deconstruction, and abstract expressionism will be highlighted, as well as poetry by Rumi, a poet from the 11th century who specialized in writing about love and relationships with loved ones.


Participants are encouraged to bring their own recycled fabrics to be used and repurposed during the activity.


Please register for this free workshop HERE





Lady K-Fever is an internationally recognized graffiti street artist, activist, educator, and curator. Her awards include the 2020 BRIO Award and the 2016 Assemblyman Jose Rivera’s Excellence in Community Service Award. Her work has been featured in various New York venues (including the New York Sanitation Department, the New York City Parks Department, and Art in Odd Places) and books (including Street Messages and Burning New York: Graffiti NYC). She lives and works in the Bronx.

Installation view of "To Love Again" (2021) by Lady K-Fever. Image by Argenis Apolinario Photography.

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