Katherine Toukhy, Renewing Ourselves Through Symbol and Gesture
Saturday, March 19, 2022 | 3:00 - 4:00 PM

How do we express renewal during these times? Inspired by symbols in ancient Egyptian art and artwork by AIM artist Katherine Toukhy, participants will create their own printed designs to express life and renewal in our present lives.


We will briefly discuss how the symbols and gestures presented in Toukhy’s animation and mixed media work are connected to ancient Egyptian art and renewal. Participants of any age can create their own symbols to express cycles of life using references provided by the artist or can draw their own. We will also discuss the symbolism of colors we use during the workshop which are: yellow, red, and black.


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Katherine Toukhy is a New York City–based visual artist. Her work has been ignited and sponsored by several organizations and programs in the Greater New York area, including BRIC, The Laundromat Project, BAC, and the Project for Empty Space. Currently, she is working on a public art piece as part of the New York City Artist Corps. Her experiences as the bilingual daughter of Egyptian immigrants in New England informs her work.


Installation view of " Sunken Sunbeats" (2019) by Katherine Toukhy. Image by Argenis Apolinario Photography.

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