How to be an Artist and Not Lose Your Mind
Friday, May 20, 6:30pm to 9:00pm

How to be an Artist and Not Lose your Mind is a one-night workshop run by artist William Lee (Master Lee) for artists, writers, musicians, actors, and performers. 


How to be an Artist… will address some of the creative being’s greatest concerns – how to make a living, how to find and express your character, how to deal with hecklers, how to manage the emotional strain of being an artist.


Come to meet your fellow artists and keep your mind intact!


Free admission and cash bar

Location: 2nd floor North Wing



William Lee has made a living at two art forms: Street Shows & Stand-Up comedy. His storytelling has been featured on the Moth’s Audience Favorites CD. He has taught at New York University and the Frank Lloyd Wright School of Architecture. He is currently writing a book entitled How to be an Artist and Not Lose your Mind.



Public and Community Enagement Programs are made possible by the Institute of Museum and Library Services and the Mertz Gilmore Foundation. 


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