Bronx Speaks: Dreamers - Rituals & Rhythms of Immigration
Wednesday, August 1, 2018, 7:00pm - 9:00pm
The Bronx Museum's Community Programs & Marketing Associate, Ayesha Akhtar with the Chef and Manager of Hungry Bird, Raj Sharma. Photo by Shelissa Aquino.



Join us for a night of movement, movies and memories around the importance of immigration and the struggle for equity and rights within the American Dream with DREAMers Kimarley Garr and Mary Soto; cultural anchor, chef and manager of Hungry Bird, Raj Sharma; and artist Malcolm Betts.


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Location: Hungry Bird
980 Morris Avenue, Bronx, NY 10456


THE BRONX SPEAKS: DREAMERS gives voice to the future of our country: students, activists, community builders and artists who are the (un)documented “Dreamers” along with the local immigrant-based businesses that are founded and run by our community leaders. Our “Cultural Anchors” that keep culture, diversity and equity thriving in our neighborhoods. Together, they tell their stories that describe the crucial role of immigration in US culture and society, across multiple artistic platforms such as poetry, spoken word, visual art, movement, dance, music, song, writing, and video.

The goals of this intergenerational program are to foster community building, to underscore the critical cultural and socio-economic importance of immigration as well to to support CUNY Dreamers / the Dream Act, undocumented Bronxites, Bronx-based, local businesses as well as artists. Bronx Speaks: Dreamers aims to preserve and sustain immigrant cultural community anchors, support local artists and give voice to the views and experiences of local Bronxites.
Hungry Bird storefront. Photo by Shelissa Aquino.

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