Art-making Happy Hour
Friday, January 20, 6:00pm to 8:00pm

Painting, collaging, and happy hour with Bronx artist Dennis Redmoon Darkeem. Darkeem will lead participants in an evening of art-making based on his project New Understandings, inspired by reflections on the new year.


Free admission


Happy hour drink pricing

       $5  Beer and Wine

About the Artist 

Dennis Redmoon Darkeem is a mixed media and performing artist living in the Bronx.  His work is strongly influenced by his Seminole-Yamassee and Creek background as well as his role as a native artist in an urban community. Since his work as a professional artist commenced in the early 2000s, it has evolved into a critique of social and political issues affecting US and indigenous Native American culture through visual and performance art.   Much of his art has focused on issues like institutionalized racism and classism, jarring stereotypes, and the displacement of people of color.  As a multi-media artist, Dennis Redmoon Darkeem expresses these motifs through fine art, drawings, paintings, collages, photography, sculpture, performance  and installations.


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