Alexis Ruiseco Lombera, "Herramientas del Poder II (Restrained)"
Saturday, March 19, 2022 | 2:00 - 3:00 PM

Herramientas del Poder II (Restrained) 2022, examines how power restrains, disorients, and exhausts its opponents. In this descriptive durational performance AIM artist Alexis Ruiseco Lombera not only stages an act of detainment to question power, but also assumes a position that renders how people survive their historical situations. Through the performance, the artist investigates how power uses an offensive tactic of control to administer fear and abuse during arrest.


This piece examines the Gilboa Prison Break of 2021, the artists contact with violence and power, and various reports shared by Cuban activists, artists, and organizers after experiencing arbitrary arrest.


On September 6, six Palestinian prisoners escaped from the maximum security prison in northern occupied Palestinian land, through an underground tunnel in the prisons drainage system. After shocking the Israeli defense system into a manhunt, all six escapees had been re-captured by September 19, 2021. Their names are Zakaria Zubeidi, Mahmoud Abdullah Ardah, Mohammed Qassem Ardah, Yaqoub Mahmoud Qadri, Ayham Nayef Kamamji, Monadel Yacoub Nafe’at.


Herramientas del Poder II (Restrained) is directed by Alexis Ruiseco Lombera and performed in collaboration with Christofer Medina. This project is supported, in part, by Foundation for Contemporary Arts Emergency Grant.



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"Herramientas del Poder II (Restrained)". 2022. Performance, sack, military uniform, sound, duration.

Alexis Ruiseco Lombera is an artist making from the intersection between being non-binary and Latinx. Working through performance, video, photography, and sculpture, they use conventional and unconventional materials to stage creative interruptions that mediate on the conditions of the body’s proximity to gendered violence, it’s historical situation, and queer and minoritarian subject.


Christofer Medina is a Panamanian-American multimedia artist living in Brooklyn, NY. They graduated Cum Laude from New World School of the Arts (2017) in Miami, FL with a BFA in Dance Performance/Production. They've mentored under and collaborated closely with choreog- raphers such as Luke Murphy (Punch Drunk), Raja Feather Kelly (The Feath3r Theory) Rosie Herrera (Rosie Herrera Dance Theatre), and Alexandra Wells (Springboard Danse Montreal). Medina is focused on carving out stories through shared lived experiences and particularly focused on our intergenerational narratives that explore the self, identity, and our connected multi-cultural histories.



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