5 Indices on a Tortured Body: The Migrant Body
Wednesday, October 13, 2021 | 6:00 - 7:00 PM

In conjunction with the exhibition, Wardell Milan: Amerika. God Bless You If It's Good to You, a series of performances collaboratively conceived by the artist and choreographed by Zachary Tye Richardson will engage a set of sculptures designed and fabricated by artist and designer Billy Ray Morgan for the exhibition. Titled 5 Indices on a Tortured Body, this performance series is presented in five acts taking place throughout the duration of the exhibition: The Black Male Body, The Female Body, The Trans Body, The Migrant Body, and the Quarantine Body.

The October 13, 2021, performance features 5 Indices on a Tortured Body: The Migrant Body. Within each performance Richardson creates movements expressing persistence and resilience, while Morgan’s sculptures are integral to the choreographed movements and expand upon ideas of mourning, identity, and love. Together, Richardson, Morgan and the dancers adapt each performance from themes within Milan’s practice, the complexities of their individual experiences, and through shared ideas of healing from traumatic, lived experiences. 


Performers: Zachary Tye Richardson, DJ Chappel, and Brittney Bringuez

Writer: Lindumuzi (Jabu) Ndlovu


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The Migrant Body Performers: Zachary Tye Richardson, DJ Chappel, Brittney Bringuez, Lindumuzi (Jabu) Ndlovu. Photographer: Bones

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