Linda Cunningham: Collages and Constructions
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"Entering Linda Cunningham's studio is like entering a small machine shop. After seeing her sculptures and her two-dimentional works, one begins to understand the reason for the hoists, machines, heavy equiptment, and industrial tools. It is truly impressive to see how materials like cast steel beams and heavy concrete walls take form to become works of art." --Alexis Mendoza, edited and translated by Ana Borger-Greco


Linda Cunningham explores the issues of time, transience, and contradictions through images of the shifting urban present. Environmental concerns juxtaposed against industry, urban blight, and the loss of the natural environment drive her practice, in addition to gentrification and the changing landscape of the Bronx, her home for many years.


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See Linda Cunningham's Exhibition on display at the Bronx Museum of the Arts through February 19, 2017 here.



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