IVAN VELEZ JR. / Planet Bronx Productions

Planet Bronx Productions, the media company of cartoonist and activist Ivan Velez Jr, was started way back in the day and focuses on bringing fabulosity, diversity, multi-culturalism, and Bronx style swag to our shared American culture. Featuring comics, art, writing, and fun swag, Planet Bronx shows off the pop style of a real Bronx groundbreaker. 


Born in the South Bronx, Ivan Velez became addicted to comic books at an early age—despite never being reflected by his heroes. After college, Velez used cartooning to spark social change. Tales of the Closet, a series of comic books first used as a popular educational tool, was among the first interventions for LGBT youth. Velez later joined MILESTONE, a company that focused on multicultural superheroes. He designed characters and wrote numerous comic books for Marvel and DC Comics. Velez has displayed in galleries in New York and Taipei. Velez is also a teaching artist for the New York Public Library and the Bronx Museum of the Arts. His work has been included in several award-winning comic anthologies.


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