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Dennis Redmoon Darkeem's products and workshops are deeply rooted in self-care. In the Bronx, where self-care resources are limited, his products are a step in that direction. Dennis' products are all made from natural ingredients; all of the herbs are locally sourced from Community Gardens and markets in the Bronx. His workshops center around investigating natural medicine—defining the ingredients we both put in and on our bodies and learning how to create organic, natural products like toothpaste, mouthwash, soap, and shampoo.


Dennis Redmoon Darkeem is an educator, and visual and performance artist. His creative work is informed and inspired by his indigenous and African American roots, and his South Bronx community. In 2009, he created a skin care line and other products like teas, soaps, t-shirts, and jewelry under the name Bronx RedMoon Soaps and Teas.



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