Photojournalist Randy H. Goodman captured life in the Islamic Republic of Iran during both the hostage crisis and the Iran-Iraq War. She returned in 2015, after thirty-three years, to photograph at yet another pivotal time in US - Iran relations — the signing of the Iran nuclear agreement. Her portraits and street scenes of WOMEN ONLY, from both periods, present a unique perspective on that country’s past and its future.


May 16, 2018 to July 18, 2018


This exhibition in honor of the late Tim Rollins takes as its departure point the concept of dialog that was central to his vision as an artist and educator. Deeply influenced by the educational theories of Brazilian philosopher Paulo Freire, Rollins used dialog to bring out the truth in each pupil, harmonizing different voices in their varied nuances. Working as a Public School teacher in the South Bronx starting in 1981, his educational approach was pivotal in infusing a sense of pride and belonging among students that often felt alienated from the mainstream. For Rollins, the idea of dialog was also an integral part of his art practice, and we might consider the whole of his collaboration with K.O.S. as a sustained dialog not only among members of the group, but most importantly, with great interlocutors of the past, like W.E.B. DuBois, Martin Luther King, George Orwell, and Franz Kafka to mention but a few.


April 18, 2018 to September 16, 2018


Landing / Aterrizaje is solo show of Bronx artist Moses Ros’ sculptures on the Bronx Museum’s Sculpture Terrace. The work is inspired by recent migrations to the United States caused by environmental and manmade disasters and catastrophes that have wrenched people away from their homelands. In this series, Ros focuses on the Caribbean experience, creating large, freestanding sculptures based on a main staple and export of the islands, the platano (plantain banana).  Using cut-out, plywood sheets to form a type of DIY “assembly kit” of the work, the large-scale, painted winged forms, along with the post-cut template panels that once held them are juxtaposed within the space. 


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