South Bronx Waterfront Sagas

Linda Cunningham explores the issues of time, transience, and contradictions through images of the shifting urban present. Environmental concerns juxtaposed against industry, urban blight, and the loss of the natural environment drive her practice, in addition to gentrification and the changing landscape of the Bronx, her home for many years. 


As a participant of the 1980s generation of artists that came of out of the Instituto Superior de Art (ISA), in Havana, Quisqueya Henriquez was deeply influenced by the conceptual and experimental pedagogical model promoted by ISA at the time. With a career spanning over twenty years, Henriquez has carefully built a coherent body of work that sustains a critical dialogue with international currents while also sharply tuned to Caribbean contemporary life and culture. Henriquez’s first mid-career survey was organized by the Bronx Museum in 2007.


The Neighbors, part two, in two parts: Sanctuary: Andrea Bowers and Home: Andrea Aragón establishes a dialogue on immigration through the work of American artist Andrea Bowers and Guatemalan photographer Andrea Aragón. This is the second iteration in the exhibition series The Neighbors, which addresses issues surrounding cultural uprooting and belonging, as well as social mobility and political resistance. 

September 15, 2016 to February 19, 2017


Robert Raphael’s ceramic-based work draws on the complex history of decorative art, a tradition that intersects and runs parallel to the history of art. Rather than interpreting ornamentation as superficial, Raphael believes that the strength of decoration lies in its seductive nature and the complex meanings that often result when surface, mass, pattern, and cultural history conflate.


For the installation at The Bronx Museum of the Arts Raphael’s work focuses on classical ornamentation and its prevalence from historical time through to contemporary society. 

Organized by the Tampa Museum of Art in collaboration with the Bronx Museum of the Arts

On view at the Tampa Museum of Art.


Complicated Beauty, a survey exhibition of contemporary Cuban art from the 1970s to the present, will be the first of several Cuban art exhibitions at the Museum. Inspired by historic connections between Tampa and Havana, as well as the recent reopening of relations between the US and Cuba, Complicated Beauty will highlight several recent acquisitions to the Tampa Museum of Art’s permanent collection, including Simply Beautiful by Mabel Poblet and Cada Sonido es una Forma del Tiempo (Every Sound is a Shape of Time) by Glenda León. Alongside these and other artworks from the Tampa collection, the exhibition will also include numerous loaned artworks from the collections of the Bronx Museum of the Arts and several private collections.



June 16, 2016 - Ongoing


Bronx Terminal Market, in collaboration with The Bronx Museum of the Arts, will showcase a new community mural inspired by scenic outdoor locations in the Bronx.



May 14 to November 2016


FLOW.16 – this year’s sixth annual exhibition – will be open to the public from May-November, and will feature installations reflecting and encouraging interaction with Randall's Island Park’s history and environment. This event is created with support from New York City Department of Cultural Affairs.



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