The Bronx Museum At Home: Art Studio

Introducing Bronx Museum at Home: Art Studio! These videos feature educators demonstrating specific artmaking activities using materials that most can easily access at home. These activities may be inspired by current or past museum exhibits and focus either on an activity a child can engage with independently, or one that encourages family cooperation and collaboration.


En español: Estudio del arte

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Create a collagraph print using household materials with artist educator Joiri Minaya. Share your collage of different textures with us by emailing


Bronx Museum educator Joiri Minaya shows you how to make an artwork using paper weaving, an art form drawn from textiles. Take inspiration from the shapes, colors, and patterns of pieces from Bronx Museum past exhibit or from the world around you!

Learn to create a blackout poem inspired by the whimsical machines in the past Bronx Museum exhibit "Useless: Machines for Dreaming, Thinking, and Seeing." We'd love to see your poem - you can email it to


Create a painting with texture, shape, and color inspired by José Parlá's paintings. Follow along and share your work with us by emailing


Create a graffiti word and image inspired by Henry Chalfant's photographs. Feel free to join the conversation and share your work with us by sending photos to


Create a collage inspired by the colorful, abstracted work of José Parlá! Follow along and share your work with us by sending photos to




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