Bronx Museum Hosted Events
Bronx Museum of the Arts
October 5, 2016, 6:30pm - 8:30pm
MAKE SOME PLACE is a series of five interactive workshops that examine ‘creative placemaking’ as it relates to artists and their practice. By shedding light on the abundance of increasingly available resources and funding opportunities, the workshops are designed to empower artists as they find new ways of engaging communities by integrating arts and culture into community building initiatives.
Conversation #4: Put Money Where Your Art Is.
How do we make it sustainable (i.e. “get paid”)? The core purpose of creative placemaking is nothing new. However, new funding sources are increasingly becoming available, providing critical support to placemaking efforts. From grants to crowdfunding, and through private and public partnerships, artists will learn about these funding opportunities and what makes for compelling proposals. Guest speakers: Javier Torres, from Artplace America, and Kayhan Irani, artist & community event producer.
Organized and facilitated by Jordan Dyniewski and perryne lee poy lokhandwala.



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